Hina Ningyo   

   Otoko Bina- means Man Doll   
   Onna Bina- means Woman's Doll   

Japanese display these dolls
on March 3rd for Girl's Day





    This Dolls is my Grandfather brought this for my mom   
This Doll is 80 years old


    Kintaro Doll

    The name Kintaro means strong boy   

    I purchased this doll in Berkeley
    at a garage sale about 20 years ago.

    This is displayed for Boy's Day.    


master teemastertee
    Another Kintaro Doll

   These Kintaro Dolls belong to the Sakuma Family   

   They  were bought for my oldest brother

   They are more then 65 years old

   The Koi fish is the symbol of  strength
    because he was strong enough to swim
   up the stream

Fine Handmade Paper Dolls 2006