Kozan Oshigata

This Book was written 
300 Yrs ago
Kozan Honami 
The Title is: 
"Kozan Oshigata"

There are 2,727 Sword 
Oshigata's in these
2 Volumes.

Oshigata is a way to
keep track of different
Tang's Signatures
and Sizes.  Collector's
use Oshigata's to check
authenticity of Teng's.

The Honami Family have
been the #1 family of
polishing and 
appraising swords.
They have been doing
this business for 650 Yrs 
and are still doing it.


Mei: Signature on the Tang

Mumei: No Signature or Unsigned

Gi Mei: False Signature


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