Ukiyo-E  (Japanese Woodblock Print)

Artist: Utagawa Toyokuni (The Third)

He studied under the first generation
Toyokuni at the Utagawa school.

There were four generations of Toyokuni.

 The Kunisada name was changed to Toyokuni in 1844. 

San Dai Toyokuni

(San- Third

Dai- Generation)


 Toyokuni painted a very popular 

 Kabuki Actor named Kumesaburo Iwai. 

The translation is:

 Atari Kyogen Sanban Me Joruri
(The Plays title)

His Stage name was:
Shijaku Iwai

The translation is:

79 Years old

 Toyokuni Painting

 Toyokuni was born at Tenmei 6 (1786) 

He Died Dec. 15, Ganji 1 (1864)

At the age of 79.

This Ukyo-E shows his age was 79 and
he wrote it on the painting.  I'm
 not sure if it was his last block print, 
but he did die whe he was 79. 2006-2007