I've always had one dream since living in America.
My dream is to open a museum that shows Japanese art.
So I started a section called the museum,
showcasing my life and my culture.


This Japanese wood block was published
around 1825 in the late Edo period.
It was made by Kunisada Utagawa.


My Grandmother was not a professional
hair-dresser, but she did it as a side job
 around 60 yrs. ago.  She used almost the same 
kind of tools.

 When my mother passed away, I took 
these combs as a memorial to her.
I never remember her wearing them,
so I think she must have worn them
at a young age.

Today, Young girls change their
hair styles, so these combs
wouldn't be used in this
modern age.

 These are all hair 

They are 
named as followed:

A. Kanzashi
B. Kogai
C. Kushi

www.mastertee.com 2006