An old woman is cleaning out
  a devil's ear with a ear pick. 

 Artist: Unknown  

Made from One Piece Of Wood

  I'm not sure of it's age, 
I bought this art piece in 
 San Francisco about 30 Years Ago. 


 The word "Oni" is the 
 Japanese word for Devil. 

It is a monster with
horns on it's head
 with a large mouth with 
growling sharp teeth.


 This is a Kuma Bori or (Bear Carving) 

 This is one of Hokaido's (the Northern Part of Japan) 

The Tokugawa Farm (which is from the Yakumo Town) 
 started making this wooden bear biting a salmon in 1924. 

Farmers in Hokado couldn't get work in the winter
because of snow, so they started to make Kuma Bori's
as soveniers in the winter snow.

Artist: Unknown

Made of One Piece Of Wood

My father bought it as a souvenier during
his Hokaido trip about 50 years ago.


 The Oni appears in many 
fairy and folk tales. The Oni
 varies in Character and features.

There are some good Oni, but most
are bad and threaten people.

This is a good book of 
Children's Folk Stories.

 Japanese Children's Favorite Stories 

It was pushished by:
The Charles E. Tuttle Company Inc.


Isun boshi Story

Japanese Title: "Isun Boshi" 
 English Title: "Little One-Inch" 

 This Story is one of the most popular 
Folk Stories.

The picture shows the "Oni"
He is a "Ao Oni" or (Green Devil).

Oni's dress only in Tiger Skin Pants.

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