This is a Kappa
 it is an Imaginary animal.

 This Kappa is made of Ivory. 

 "Netsuke" are delicate miniature sculptures 
 as ornamential counterweights to small medicine 
 boxes and are secured by silk cords and is passed 
through the Obi (Waistband)


Signature: Hiro Yuki

 Real Name: Minori Sakurai 
 Birth: Jan. 26th 1930, Tokyo 

He Studied under his father,
Kosei Sakurai

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This book is titled:
Kanagawa No Mukashi Banashi

in english:
 Old Folk Stories in Kanagawa Area 

Kanagawa Godo Publish. inc
March 22nd 1983


This stories title is:
Kappa Dokuri

 Kappa's have thick hair,
 but on the top of his head is bald 
like a dish

 The Kappa has a turtle shell on his/her back. 

 The Kappa's mouth is shaped like a bird's beak. 

The Kappa always carries a jug of water to
keep his head wet.

Kappa's live in the water, but can come
on land as long as they have their jug
to keep their head wet.


Dokuri or tokuri (or Jug)

It is usually used as
a Wine or Sake Bottle.

This Dokuri is 60 years old,
they used to sell it at
liqure stores.© 2006