Onko Nenchu Gyoji or in english:
 (The Traditionail Year's Regular Events)
Published in 1883

 This Picture shows us two ladies 
playing the game of Hane Tsuki.

Hane Tsuki or Badminton in english.

A true story:
 There were two beautiful sisters living 
 at the Nihonbash (a very popular spot for tourist) in Tokyo. 
 Only on New Years they would come out on the street  
 with their beautiful and geogeous kimomos and play Hane Tsuki.  
People came from all over Tokyo to see them, 
that day there were too many people crowding around them
so the police had to block off the street.


 At the end of the year 
 Hagoita or Japanese Battle Dolls 
 are displayed and sold in toy stores 
 as a sign of good luck for women.

 This game records back 600 years ago. 


Hagoita means painted on wood.

 I brought these two Hagoita 
 from my house in Japan for decoration, 
but I don't know who use them.  They
 have been in my home for at least 65 years. 


 Oshi E Style
 This style is made by 
 different materials & pasted together 
to be a gorgeous 3-D piece of art.

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