Butsu Gu

Buddhist Altar Instruments


 This Instrument is called the Kinsu. 
 This is used in the Buddhist Altar.

 I bought this from an old person who 
 worked for a sound effects movie company 
in Hollywood.  He had already retired
and he needed money due to illness.


  Bun Kyu 2 (1864) 	  
 This is signifigant because it has the age on it. 
It is not common to see that.


 Ms. Kimi Fujita 


 It is hand casted and struck to make bumps 
 (to make a better sound)

I don't have any background because
it has no name or age to tell me
where it's from.

A similar Instrument is called a 

The only difference between the two are
The Shogo is Only Casted, not struck.


		  Gokorei (or Ring)
 This Gokorei belonged to my Grandmother.
 I remember my grandmother and her friend coming together 
to pray and sing together with the ring for buddha


 This is a reference book called NiHon No BijiTsu 
(Japanese Art "Butsugu" 1967) 
This is a very good book on Butsugu

If you have any Questions About Butsugu???
Please contact Me!
Thank you, -Mikio


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