About Me

My name is Mikio, But you can call me "Mike." A long time ago I can to the US from Japan in the pursuit of studying art. I have studied many types of art, and I realized I like drawing cartoons the best.

During the same time I decided to become a cartoonist, I started to play golf and thought why not draw about it. So I did. Each time I went to the golf course, I would encounter new adventures. funny stories and interesting people. These experiences are shown in my Comics.

My favorite Super Hero growing up was the Ninja. I grew up with Ninja books, T.V. shows and Movies. Thats how I created Master Tee, the Ninja and Golf combined. I also have a knowledge of Martial Arts, Kendo, Judo, Karate and Zen Philosophy.

Since Golf is a game of mental concentration and skill, I incorporate all these topics within my cartoons.

I hope you enjoy these Cartoons as much as I enjoy making them -Mike

www.mastertee.com 2006